I recently queried my friend who works in one these new generation banks(ashually na aproko carry ask the question), “Vince, na how much dem dey pay you for that una office sef?”.

Lemme tell you about Vince. Vince is one of those guys that struggled to get into school and struggled to get out of it too. We’ve been friends for quite a while, so I know him well. After secondary school, he both stayed home for like one year, waiting for JAMB to jam us. Soo shaaaa…..we got “Jambed” and labored through school(ashually again, we spent 6 years for a four-year course. Don’t ask me why. Ask ASUU).

On leaving school and serving, Vince got this offer and he took it…………..(the rest is story )

Back to my aproko…..Vince answered, “Ol boy, Na 50k oooo”. that was where my “wonderment” started. “Why?”, you may ask. Let’s see…..

To rent a suitable 2-bedroom apartment now in Lagos should be around 300k -400k per year minus agent’s fee and agreement(wait oooo…do we pay to agree? Agree to what? ). Let’s talk about his wedding. Barring food and drinks and dowry and clothes (Suits and Wedding Gown), a fairly okay decoration for the reception hall(that will be paid for sef. I mean the hall) goes for between 200k to 400k and dont ask me how much the hall cost……(I’m just warming up)
All these on top 50k? How we dey take survive for naija?…seriously…I JUST DON’T GET IT.



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