We begin Tricia’s Nightmare today. Enjoy.

Please click on the image to the side to like the page on fb of my (troublesome) friend Biggie, who is having fantastic sales of everything called Oja Ara at GET Arena. After liking the page, simply answer the question “What is Tunde Leye’s temperament?” on the page and Biggie will be giving two lucky people 5,000Naira vouchers to buy anything at the event. That’s TL giveaway. And yes, HOPE Y’ALL ARE COUNTING DOWN TO GOLDEN SANDS!! OCTOBER 15 IS THE DATE!  Read the prologue and how to reserve copies for yourself here if you haven’t. And get your LASTMA uniform while at it 😀

Now, to our story. Ifeanyi, get the BP drugs ready! Oh, and yes, please tweet about it with the hashtag #TriciasNightmare  Gracias

Tricia Abah was in trouble, big trouble. It had taken her two years of dedicated hunting to find a…

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