brodas hugMe: Ol boy! how far na…wetin dey?

My Friend: Guy, i bin dey oo. But boys no smile oooo. we sha dey dere dey hustle.

Me: Ol boy! no be only you oooo. Me sef, na jama jama i dey so. Ow far with job na?

My Friend: Shoooo! Job for wia? I still dey hunt o my broda.

Me: My friend, God go provide jare. Abeg wey ur cv make i take am correct my own. You know na, I fit see wetin i go fit use insyd am.

Guys, you don’t wanna know what my friend’s CV looked like. In fact, it made me conclude that my friend no fit get job with that kain CV. So, me being the good boy that I am **ehnnnn….why the face? Am I not a good boy?**, I have done some digging up on how to write a good CV and have decided to share it with my friend which is YOU! **BBSMILEY_TONGUEOUT**

Read on:

  • Tailor each CV you send out to the job you’re applying for, highlighting where you have the required skills and education mentioned in the job ad, and reiterating this in your covering letter.
  • As a rule of thumb, keep your CV under 2 pages.
  • Avoid distracting design elements, fancy colours and fonts.
  • Keep to a standard layout/format that employers expect so they can easily find the information they are looking for.
  • Give adequate ways for prospective employers to contact you.
  • If your personal email address would raise an eyebrow or two (bigbutts@aol.com for example), set up a new gmail address that uses your name instead.
  • Never write in the third person (e.g. “John has demonstrated great interpersonnel skills”).
  • Don’t include fluff (e.g. “John has demonstrated great interpersonnel skills”!!) – ‘soft skills’ should be supported by evidence and examples.
  • Include achievements for jobs you’ve had where possible, and make sure these are specific and verifiable.
  • Don’t include a photo unless it’s relevant to the nature of the job (e.g. a model).
  • Spell check your CV, read it out loud and get someone to read over your CV for you.
Well, Yorubas will say, and i quote, ” Soki l’obe oge” (trust me, you don’t wanna know the literary meaning of that); therefore, i leave you to ruminate on this and then correct your present CV accordingly. SHELL don dey find me since they saw my CV.**smiles:yimu**
Till after SHELL find me, I remain me

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