Oh Lord God Almighty,

My Father and My King,
Why have you hidden your face from me Oh God?
Have my sins caught up with me?
Have my sins made my prayers a sour smell in your presence?
Have my sins made my worship burn foul in your presence?
Dear Lord God, Look upon me with mercy.
Let your tender loving kindness rain on my broken heart.
Let your love stand in gap for me.
Let your grace, that so amazing grace, speak on my behalf
Let your ears hear the earnest cry of my heart for mercy.
Let me not be consumed in fire.
Dear Lord, look upon me with mercy.
That my soul may find rest.
That my tongue may find its rhythm
That my feet may dance in rejoicing
That your praise may continually be in my mouth.
Dear Lord, my soul shall praise you till eternity.

This Yam, This Goat, This Country: PwC on NNPC – Part 1

Hmmmmmmm……….. na so people just dey chop money……. chai…………. #diarisgodoooo


Friends and countrymen; I beseech you by the mercies of God that ye do whatsoever it is within thine powers to prevent a frolic between the yam and the goat. For, as surely as the rising and setting of the sun, such an enterprise yieldeth only corruption, nay a sad ending for the yam” – Goodluck The Jonathan, First of His Name

Finally, we get a chance to see what PwC, the auditors, saw when they looked into the black hole that is NNPC. The full report is here (200 pages). It is not pretty.

I am not an oil and gas expert and much of the industry and how it works confuses me. But the PwC report is written in English so let’s try to parse it.

Remember The King?

A quick recap of what started all of this – King Mohammed Sanusi II, in his former…

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Hello lovers, how has your MONDAY been? Hope you are giving all of yourself to that thing that makes you fulfilled.

Thought I should share my gists on Twitter with you. Do savour every bit of it.

1) Hello lovers how has your Sunday been? # MORspeaks

2) thanks for joining us today. Did you miss last weeks gist? If yes, please read it below

3) I couldn’t wait to share my heart with you again, today’s gist is titled ‘ Need for Nakedness’ . #MORspeaks

4) The first sets of MEN that were created, where created without clothes. #MORspeaks

5) The perfect will of the creator was for them to remain naked ( wide smile). #MORspeaks

6) “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed” (Genesis 2:25). #MORspeaks

7) I am not a nudist neither do I support or condone that practice (just in…

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